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Specotech specializes in the resin floor coatings market where high standards of quality resinous products and service are expected in a demanding and ever changing flooring market. We are constantly improving our skilled and professional teams to be fully accomplished resin flooring application specialists. With a combined workforce experience of over 55 years in the flooring and construction market, we are capable of providing our clients the specialized product and service one would expect from a flooring systems Professional.

We are Approved Specialized Applicators for all the major Construction Chemical Manufacturers, BASF; Flowcrete; Sika; Abe Chemicals; Technical Finishes, Stoncor and Tal. As a result we have intensified our policies and procedures with regards to Batching of Materials, Quality of Workmanship and Programming of Contracts. We are constantly striving to provide suitable Turn-Key Solutions with the latest Innovated Specialized Flooring Systems

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Our Floor Coating Services include …

  • General demolition works.
  • Shot Blasting of mild steel and concrete storage tanks.
  • Installation of manholes, valves, gauge cocks and various fittings.
  • Application of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved coatings to mild steel and concrete storage tanks.
  • Corrosion protection.
  • Industrial and Commercial flooring.
  • Granolithic screeds.

Structural repairs and specialized coatings to floors and storage tanks

Whether your need lies in corrosion protection, structural repairs, flooring or tank linings, Specialized Coating Technologies has the solution.
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